№4 2023

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Journal of International Society for Clinical Physiology & Pathology №4 2023

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Sentyabreva A., Miroshnichenko E., Tsvetkov I., Kosyreva A.
Morphofunctional changes in brain and peripheral blood in aged Wistar rats due to AlCl3 exposureM

Navid M, Protasov A, Guseinov I, Kurikhin I.
Immediate and long-term results of Lichtenstein hernia repair.

Kurikhin I., Titarov D.
The use of eTEP hernioplasty in the treatment of ventral hernias.

Zaborova V., Kurshev V., Kryuchkova K.
Functional and hormone changes in ice players using Cytoflavin.

Bashkireva A., Chibisov S., Bashkireva T.
Predictors of the formation of pathological conditions of landing participants in the Arctic latitudes considering the trans-latitudinal flight along ultradian rhythms.

Beisekeeva J., Samoylenko A., Kochergin S.
Theory of macular diseases in terms of glymphatic fluid circulation.

Gorlova A., Pavlov D., Inozemtsev A.
Anhedonia, Decrease in Exploratory Activity, and Changes in the Level of Anxiety in Rats Under Chronic Ultra-sound Exposure.

Karpukhina O., Dubova V., Gumargalieva K., Povarnina P., Inozemtsev A.
Dipeptide mimetics of nerve growth factor and brain-derived neurotrophic factor, GK-2 and GSB-106 and their cyto-protective properties in the model of oxidative stress.

Myakushin S., Turkhanova V., Vlasova T.
Assessment of anthropometric and hemodynamic parameters in young people in the assessment of adaptation of the cardiovascular system.

Shilin S., Emets Y., June J.H., Pinighina I., Uvartseva I., Chernoyarov A., Timoshenko A., Markushin A., Nashwan A.K., Kastyro I., Ganshin I., Popadyuk V.
Study of heart rate and corti-costerone variability in the simulation of experimental rhino-surgical interventions.